Jack's Page
Why is it called Jack?

Of course you've heard of Jack. They made everyone learn who Jack was in elementary school. He climbed the beanstalk, and slew the giant. He jumped over the candlestick. He even built a house by hand. Jack is, or at least was the man. And so I proudly bestow upon my computer the name Jack, for it is the Jack-of-all-trades.

Why? Well, lets start with this picture:
Windows running on linux through an X Server onto Linux
This picture wasn't actually taken from my computer, but it does use my computer. This is Windows running under Linux piped through an X server via SSH to a Windows machine with the help of Exceed X Server and Win4Lin.

This computer also comes with a most excellent video capture card - an iomega Buz!, and the 2.4.19 Linux Kernel.

The hardware's not really anything to brag about - its a PIII-500 with 512MB of RAM, but the upside is that this machine is nearly compatible with everything. Give it up for Jack.
Some more of Jack's most excellent accomplishments: Jack in daily use mode.
Jack in the "less computer and more typewriter" mode.