One of the first things that God told me to do was to help set up the sound equipment on Sunday mornings. I was only a scrawny kid, but I did it anyway. Each Sunday from my 9th grade year on, my mom drove me to Church to help set up. When I was old enough to drive, I took myself. After a while, I started running the sound board, and going to preservice planning. Eventually, I joined the choir.

The wierd thing about these positions is that I have never ceased to enjoy it. You'd think that such menial labor might be unenjoyable, but because God had called me to do it, I enjoyed it immensely. In addition, I got better at it- bigger, stronger, and with more responsibility. My Christian walk coincided with the amount of work God was giving me.

It also helped me develop an attitude of humility, since I was always working for others. I've noticed a general trend in my life - God uses the tasks he puts before me to strengthen me in my walk. If you are called by God to begin work, then think of it as a blessing, not a responsibility. God gives you work not to test you, but because He loves you and wants what's best for you. Accept it with thankfullness.